Apart from everyday tax matters, where we work for you in an efficient and solution-oriented manner, our range of services also covers strategic tasks.

  1. Preparing tax returns (income tax, corporation tax, business tax, value added tax, inheritance tax, gift tax, etc.)
  2. Preparing annual financial statements (balance sheets, net income statements)
  3. Preparing the current financial accounts (preparing the management analyses, OPOS accounting, preparing advance VAT statements, recapitulative statements, Intrastat statements, asset accounting)
  4. Tax consultancy (tax planning, reorganisations, choice of legal form, lodging appeals, representation in the fiscal court and the Federal Fiscal Court, asset planning, succession planning, inheritance and gift tax consultancy)
  5. Management consultancy
  6. Start-up advice (preparing revenue forecasts, preparing and assisting with credit talks, preparing the meetings for the start-up allowance)